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Cherubs, the Pride of Reading

Can we have bouquets with just a single flower?
Flashing neon lights on stage?
A box of frogs in pink tutus?

Ok the last question is made up but if you asked Marc and James of Cherubs what the organisers of Pride of Reading ask them to deliver each year, they’d say frogs in ballet costumes would be easy compared to the reality.

Because Cherubs is not just about delivering floral displays and table centrepieces for the hottest ticket in town, Cherubs help shape the event.

Planning a new and fresh ‘show’ every year for 13 years is not easy – and we have lots of meetings with our strategy group, production group and others. But the one meeting I come out inspired from is the one with Cherubs.

Marc’s imagination and Cherubs’ staff have delivered the cake, the filling and the icing to make the awards magical. The ideas flow and the number of times my co-organiser Sally Swift and I shout out ‘genius’ during our planning meetings is almost equal to the number of awards we’ve given away since we began way back in 2004.

From showcasing a serious sculpture to suggesting selfie boards, from red (and blue) carpet organising to how we do Bake Off with Chris Tarrant and Martha Collison, from honouring war heroes to confetti canon, they deliver.

This year our theme and tone has most definitely been set by Cherubs and those invited on the day or to the launch in May will see how creative that is.

We simply could not do it without them and they are a joy to work with. In fact we’re proud as Punch to work with them.

Now, about those frogs. They need to be our branded blue Marc. Thanks.

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